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Shamanic and Eastern Healing Practitioner and Animal Communicator

 Soul Retrieval Special

Soul Retrievals are $100 each. You must come to me.  Spirit has guided me to do this work and not turn anyone away who requires healing.  Retrievals are done in person and through distance work. You MUST know what it is you are experiencing, have knowledge of the work involved, and have commitment to the work after the retrieval. I will ask you your understanding of all of these criteria.

 Soul Retrievals are done via Sandra Ingerman's method.

 Before performing a soul retrieval, I must get permission and make sure I am able to do this service for you (via my Spirit Teacher).  I will not perform soul retrievals on anyone except the person asking.



 "He (the Shaman) is a self-reliant explorer of the endless mansions of a magnificent hidden universe."  ---Michael Harner


Om Namaha Shivay! 



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We provide shamanic soul retrieval and energy healing services as well as providing soul retrievals, chakra balancing and radical healing. With the power of communication, healings, balancing and readings we provide oneness deekshas, the teaching of soul retrievals and life
coaching. Providing shamanic soul retrieval and soul loss services across the USA, Canada, UK, India, Europe and South America we also provide animal communication and Dar Shem.







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  • "I am still in shock and awe! Danelle is powerful and a beautiful healer! Blessings to you for the work you did for me. Just WOW!!!"

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